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When selecting countertops for your new custom home, you may wonder which direction is best – Quartz, Quartzite, or Granite? How are they different and which is a better choice for your home and lifestyle? Each material has its pros and cons – here we break down all three to help you make a selection that fits your needs.

Quartz — or engineered quartz, is manmade. It’s composed of roughly 90 percent ground quartz (the actual mineral), with the remaining 10 percent being a mixed cocktail of resins, polymers and pigments that varies by manufacturer.

Quartzite — is a natural stone that is extracted from the earth, just as marble, limestone or soapstone are quarried.

Granite — is a natural stone with plenty of character and unique grains.  Granite is also extracted from the earth.

Pros + cons of each:

Pros: Durable; can come in solid colors for a more uniform look; very stain resistant; not prone to etching.
Cons: Because it’s an engineered product, sometimes pattern repetition occurs; not as heat resistant or scratch resistant as quartzite.

Pros: Durable; because it’s a natural stone, there is infinite variation in color and pattern (no two slabs are the same); very heat resistant; not prone to etching; more scratch resistant than quartz.
Cons: Not as stain resistant as quartz.

Pros: Longevity; available in wide slabs; more cost prohibitive; one-of-a-kind patterns and textures.
Cons: it is porous and more prone to stains; it requires more maintenance and needs to be sealed more regularly; it is more brittle that quartz or quartzite.

Ultimately, which is better for the function of your home? If you entertain often or have a young family you may gravitate toward durability – choosing either quartzite or quartz. However, the longevity and uniqueness of granite may be more appealing when making countertop selections.

We recommend investing in the main focal points of your home – primarily the kitchen, and rounding the edges of any countertops to minimize potential damage and wear and tear.

A most recent design trend, waterfall countertops, is an easy way to add value + an aesthetically pleasing element to your kitchen.

To really individualize your custom home, we are seeing natural stone (or quartz) move beyond countertops, making its way into other parts of the home including backsplashes, closet islands, fireplace surrounds, bar tops, stone slabs as mounted artwork, headboards and even entire wall coverings.

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Photo Credit, Cambria Inspiration Gallery: Cambria USA

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