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The Citadel Difference

The Citadel Difference

Not all builders are equal. At Citadel Signature Homes, we’re well aware that you have lots of options when choosing a builder to create the custom home of your dreams. Here’s just a few of the things that make us better than the rest…

We care about what you think. We are building YOUR dream home, after all. So we consult with you each step of the way, allowing you to have as much (or as little) input in the building process as you desire.

Also, we take you into consideration. What is your lifestyle like? What are your goals? What does a day in your shoes look like? How can your home make you more effective, more at peace, or more productive?

We figure out what’s important to you in order to create a floor plan built around your individual lifestyle and goals.

With the expertise of three generations of builders, we’ve been around the block. Enough times to know what not to do, and moreso, what TO do. We know the ins and outs of the industry and use our know-how to help build the home of your dreams. Who is the right subcontractor for your particular home? Who will provide you the best quality craftsmanship? Who does their job in a timely manner so your custom home build stays on schedule? Who stands behind their work?

We learned the same golden rule you did growing up: “Do unto others as you’d have them to do unto you.” We might be older and wiser, but the sentiment remains the same.

Watching your custom dream home being built is so exciting. We proactively communicate, ensuring you know what’s going on every step of the way. No hidden expenses. No surprise fees.

Why? Because it’s how we’d like to be treated. Because we care deeply about our clients. Because it’s the right thing to do.

Back to the Golden Rule… Who likes to be lied to or duped? Not us. So we certainly don’t treat our clients that way.

When working with Citadel Signature Homes, we do our best to clearly communicate costs and manage your custom build with no markups or misrepresentations.

We are honest, no nonsense, and open book. No kidding!

What lot? What design style? What colors? What layout? What finishes? All the way down to where electrical outlets should go…

For some, building a custom home can be overwhelming. Thankfully, our in-house designer is pretty amazing. Whether you desire an expert to serve as the sounding board to your brilliant ideas or desire some hand-holding throughout the process, our masterful designer will help you get the perfect look you desire. (And her hands are pretty soft, too.)

Some builders might screen your calls after that last check is safely deposited into their bank account. Not us! We proudly stand behind our work and joyfully fulfill all warranties as discussed. And we really like our clients. So lets chat! 😉

These are just a few of the ways Citadel Signature Homes is better than the rest. Give us a chance to show you even more…

Luxury. Quality. The Details. Citadel Signature Homes.

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