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Kitchen Design Trends We Love

Kitchen Design Trends We Love

Better Homes & Gardens recently released their “16 Kitchen Trends That Are Here To Stay.

Quartz countertops, open layouts, and clean, minimalist designs are some of the trends taking top spots. Here are some of our favorites from their list:

Gone are the days of formal dining rooms that are forbidden from being touched (and let’s face it, are often underutilized). Here to stay are days of informal dining and utilizing that beautiful kitchen to cook, entertain, dine, and connect – all in one space. Being so, trends are shifting to make kitchens more open, airy, and practical.

Other tricks to create an open feel for your custom kitchen? Integrated appliances and trading traditional upper cabinets for utilizing undercounted cabinet for all your storage and appliance needs. 



Kitchens used to be hidden in a corner of the home behind closed doors and only used for cookings. Times have changed as the kitchen is now the heart of the home, modernly used as an entertaining space just as much as for cooking and storing food and dishes. Being so, we’re seeing a trend of using design elements before only utilized in living spaces move into the kitchen. Case in point, the gorgeous detailing added to the kitchen ceiling the image below. Adding some overhead pizzazz also adds to the syllables your custom home gets – taking your friends and family’s “wow” to a “WOOOOOOOOW!” 



We’ve been using this design trend in our Citadel Custom Homes for a while now, so we are fully on board. (No pun intended.) There will always be a place for the warmth of traditional wood flooring, but porcelain or ceramic planks that mimic the look of wood are all the rage. They provide the timeless, inviting look of wood in a countless array of colors that are easier to care for and keep looking beautiful for years to come.



When it comes to planning your dream kitchen for your custom home, which of these trends strikes your fancy? Read the full article HERE and let us know!

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