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Custom Home Builders Omaha | Citadel Signature Homes | 7 Things to Consider for Your Custom Outdoor Kitchen
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7 Things to Consider for Your Custom Outdoor Kitchen

7 Things to Consider for Your Custom Outdoor Kitchen

Summer is coming. Warmer temps and later sunsets have chased blah Omaha winter away. What better way to spend your summer evening than relaxing or entertaining in your very own outdoor kitchen!?!

What does it take to build one? A lot less than you might think… And the Citadel Signature Homes team is here to help.

Here’s 7 things to consider:

When it comes to doing things right the first time, planning and patience is key. Citadel has the resources, connections, and know how to pull all the key game changers – think landscape artists, designers, architects, construction specialists – in to get the job done right {and on budget}!

Same as when we build custom homes (See #4 In the article HERE), we’ve found that planning and bidding everything out first is the winning strategy to making sure you get what you want at the upfront-agreed-upon price you want.

What amenities that you enjoy inside do you want to want to enjoy outside? Natural gas, propane, or electric? Do you need plumbing for sinks or hand washing stations in your outdoor space? Do you need electricity for light features or that massive-screen cable TV you’ve had your eye on?

Do you want a place for family and friends to charge their electronics? (I mean… Let’s be real… a party isn’t a party without plenty of selfie action! Am I right!?!) Do you want a grill? Heat lamps to allow you to enjoy your outdoor space late into the Nebraska fall? How about a pizza oven? A refrigerator or climate-controlled wine fridge? Maybe even a Sonic-style ice machine!

Just like an indoor kitchen, do you want cabinets outside? A rolling station so you can mingle and dice  tomatoes for that signature guacamole recipe at the same time. Bench seats that double as storage for grill accessories, outdoor pillows, and the like?

At Citadel, we believe design should be beautiful, but above all PRACTICAL. Tell us how you plan to use your outdoor space and we’ll do our best to make sure it’s eye-catching but user-friendly too.

So we’ve gotten our philosophy on functional AND gorgeous design. What else adds to that beauty? A touch of nature! Our expert landscape designers got you covered – installing trees, shrubs, flower beds, water features, and more – to make that outdoor space feel like a true paradise. Best yet, maybe plant a garden or herbs for fresh produce and spices at the ready.

Pergolas, awnings, and canopies – oh my! Floating daybed swings hung from an awning for shade. Retractable UV-resistant panels or blinds. Material and fabric choices impact how much or little this feature will cost – but the sky is truly the limit.

With technological advances, many man-made materials out there are glam and weather-resistant at the same time helping your outdoor flooring go the distance. Or go au naturel with stone or slate. And once the material is chosen, are we doing a seamless style, tiling, or paving? We’re here to help you figure it all out.

All this to say… There are a lot of decisions to make to custom build that perfect outdoor living space, and Citadel Signature Homes is here to help you every step of the way.

Luxury. Quality. The Details. Citadel Signature Homes.

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